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Our Locations also have the following workshops:
• Money Management (for your next visit to a Casino)
• How to Play the Casino Games

Gender and Age are no obstacles like you do in so many other jobs. As long as you enjoy being around people, and smile, you will make a perfect Casino Dealer.

Fact: Did you know that Casino Party Dealers get paid the night they work?

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PARTyTIME Casino Dealer's Passport Program

• Certification you can take all over the country
• Get a GIG!! , Job Placement Assistance
• Make Money When You are Traveling
• Meet Great Friends All Over the Country
• Relocating? We Can Help You Get in the Door, to Make $$$

PARTyTIME Dealers offer workshops to generate INSTANT PART TIME MONEY

PARTyTIME Dealers Offer:

  • Professional Workshops

  • Job Placement Assistance

  • No Experience Necessary

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Why Party Time Dealers?

To give students a strong foundation of handwork mechanics enabling confidence as they move along in their dealing education. A dealer is only as good as his or her hands. If they have the ability to manipulate chips well, they will always deal with style. We at Partytime Dealers emphasize "the handwork" and the "art of dealing". You will have great hands when you leave the school; whether you only learn blackjack or you go on to other games.

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