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Over 25 Years of Las Vegas & Lake Tahoe Dealing & Floor Experience.

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Our instructors are Professionals with more than 25 years of Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Dealing and Floor experience, Party Business Owners & Managers, and seasoned Casino Party Dealers who have worked for the most prestigious Casino Party companies.

The Casino Party Industry is growing swiftly and it is creating numerous job opportunities that provide flexible hours, great pay and fun.

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The Casino industry is looking for Professional Dealers with the great hand work. PARTyTIME Dealers is the only training program that specializes in Casino Party Dealing.


Whether you want to make extra money as Casino Party Dealer or take your first step into working as a professional dealer in a Casino, PARTyTIME Dealers is your first step!

PARTyTIME Dealers want to give you all of the knowledge and skills that are needed to start making money as a dealer for all Casino Party Companies Nationwide!!

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Handworking Work Shop

Our hand working course covers the fundamentals of sizing and cutting cheques (chips). In other words, you’ll learn how to use your hands properly to pick up and place down casino chips. *Required before enrolling in all dealing courses.


Our Blackjack Dealing Workshop is designed to teach students the fundamentals of dealing blackjack for Casino Parties. Upon completion of the workshop, you’ll know all the same rules and procedures as a professional dealer. In addition, you will have the knowledge to “teach” new players how to play the game.

Casino Party Dealers who want to start earning money within a week, will not be wasting their time on International Blackjack, California 21st Century Blackjack and No-Bust Blackjack, at our workshop.

Affordable 2 Days/2 Hour Course

It’s so simple and Easy>>>>2 Days / 2 Hours per Day / plus Practice time available


  • Handwork Mechanics for Casino Party Dealers

  • Casino Party Dealing workshops to generate instant part time money

  • Teaching the games ( Rules, How to play, and safe money management)

  • Start Making Money Instantly!

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